The program is valid from 5/10/2018 to 25/10/2018

Profile Management
Eco System (PMES)
Early Access Closed Beta

Be the first who try PMES get real rewards including
a chance to win a 50k PUT reward!
Hurry up – only 100 spots available for the early access beta!

Register for a chance to be one of 100 early access beta testers to be the first to try PMES, a disruptive technology that put data ownership back in the hands of the individual so they can monetize their data.  PMES gives people a secure way to claim ownership over their data and records it in blockchain. Use PMES to buy / sell access and rights to digital data.

What reward can you earn by participating in beta testing ?

One random beta tester will be chosen to receive 50k PUT!!
Register in the PMES beta testing program and if you are selected as a participant you will receive 100 PUT.
For every unique bug you find, you will receive 1000 PUT.
For every recurring bug you find you will earn 100 PUT.
For useful feedback, you will earn 250 PUT.
For a feature request, you will receive 50 PUT.

Personal Data is Big Business…

Digital data is rapidly becoming one of the most valuable assets in our fast-growing digital era. Everything we do online is highly useful data that companies pay a lot of money for to advertise and market.  This includes our browsing habits, what we search on Google and other search engines, the content we share, what we post on social media – this is all data that is analyzed and used for many things – think about Facebook ads alone – the ads are set up using target audience parameters and then Facebook uses our personal data to show us appropriate ads.

Here’s the problem…

Although our data is worth potentially millions of dollars, we don’t get to see any of that money, because we don’t own our data.

The Solution…

PMES manages data on a decentralized blockchain so it can be owned by the users. There’s no centralized body like a social media platform or search engine with access to everything; the owners of the data get to choose who can access it and who can use/share (have rights to it) – and the best part, they can charge them for this too.

Currently big centralized organizations like social media and search engines are making millions selling our personal data – shouldn’t this money be put in the hands of the true owner?

The Robin8 Profile Management Eco System (PMES) does exactly this —  puts the power back in consumers’ hands in an easy-to-use platform to claim data ownership and then sell/buy data using cryptocurrency.

You can help us make Robin8 PMES better! Join our closed beta testing program and receive rewards for signing up early. Testing to begin on or near October 25th.

How to participate in the program?

You don’t need to be a programmer or tester to take part in this program. Just register for ROBIN8 PMES CLOSED BETA. We will select 100 applicants and give them access to PMES.

All you need to do is try out PMES between 25/10/2018 and 31/10/2018. Then write a review for us and tell us exactly what you think we need to fix.

How to report about issue during the beta testing program?

If you’ll see an error at the work of the Robin8X KOL Crypto Exchange, please do the following steps:

1. Login to the Zendesk ( with the credentials from email that was send after register to the beta testing program. This step is needed to identify you and provide benefits for reported issues.

2. Then press “Submit request” button

3. Fill information about issue to the form. You could add screenshots if you have some.

4. Press “Submit” to submit an issue. Our support team will answer you in short time.

Example of bug report:

1. Title: Traiding pair doesn’t selected visually after selection

2. Category

  • Trade

3. Steps to reproduce the issue:

  • login to the exchange
  • select trading pair at the dashboard
  • wait few seconds or click somewhere else

4. What’s the expected result?

  • selected trading pair will has visual selection

5. What’s the actual result?

  • selected trading pair doesn’t has visual selection. So, if I forget wat trading pair was selected I couldn’t view this information.

6. Additional details / screenshot

Examples of the Category:

  • Auth/Profile
  • Deposit/Withdrawals
  • Not receiving Emails
  • Trade
  • Quick Exchange
  • Trade mining
  • OTC
  • Chat
  • Security issue
  • Service description
  • Another