The program is valid from 7/01/2019 to 14/01/2019

Profile Management
EcoSystem (PMES)
Early Access Closed Beta

Register for a chance to be one of 200 early access beta testers to be the first to try PMES, a disruptive technology that put data ownership back in the hands of the individual so they can monetize their data and digital assets.  PMES gives people a secure way to claim ownership over their data and digital assets by recording it in blockchain. Use PMES to buy / sell access and rights to digital data.

What reward can you earn by participating in beta testing ?

One random beta tester will be chosen to receive 50k PUT!!
Register in the PMES beta testing program and if you are selected as a participant you will receive 1000 PUT.
For every unique bug you find, you will receive 1000 PUT.
For every recurring bug you find you will earn 500 PUT.
For useful feedback, you will earn 2500 PUT.
For a feature request, you will receive 500 PUT.
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Personal Data is Big Business…

What is PMES?

The Profile Management EcoSystem (PMES) is part of the PUT cryptocurrency economy and is the best blockchain solution for data trading.  Via blockchain, users claim ownership of and monetize their digital assets such as ebooks, software, password keys, cryptocurrency tokens listed on stock exchanges, social media profile data, video or other content training programs, photographs, databases, images, graphic design, marketing swipe files, and much more.
PMES is an intermediary site offering a user-friendly interface to easily create a library of digital assets that are added to the blockchain with just one click. PMES users can sell their assets to other users based on the price they set as well as buy assets from other PMES users. Purchases are made in the PMES digital wallet using QTUM or PUT (Profile Utility Token by Robin8).


Currently when buying and selling digital assets, there is no way to truly secure and validate ownership in a digital asset or verify a transaction in a decentralized (trustless), public manner.
For example, say you sell a WordPress plugin to someone. What prevents them from sharing this plugin with someone else who could use it without paying any licensing fee? Through PMES, digital assets are claimed by the owner (recorded on the blockchain as an append-only public record).  Then these assets are then sold using cryptocurrency and accessed via a password key.

The Solution…

Benefits of PMES

Robin8’s PMES is the future of digital asset trading offering a much better solution because it:

  • is more secure,
  • reduces fraud by the buyer or the seller,
  • gives users a way to claim their data in an irrevocable ledger system (cannot be altered or edited),
  • offers a way to sell informational products without relying on a centralized, third parties (Shutterstock for example or Dropbox),
  • protects the asset from being used without permission (PMES grants access and rights via a password key), and
  • gives the asset owner complete control: YOU own your data, YOU set the prices, YOU sell to whoever you want.

You can help us make Robin8 PMES better! Join our closed beta testing program and receive rewards for signing up early. Testing to begin on or near January 7th.

How to participate in the program?

You don’t need to be a programmer or tester to take part in this program. Just register for ROBIN8 PMES CLOSED BETA. We will select 200 applicants and give them early access to PMES.

All you need to do is try out PMES between 07/01/2019 and 13/01/2019. Then write a review for us and tell us exactly what you think we need to fix.