The program is valid from 25/10/2018 to 31/10/2018

Robin8x the world’s first kol crypto exchange closed beta

Be the first who try our exchange and get real rewards!
Hurry up and become one of the 100 lucky ones who will participate in our beta!!!

What reward can you earn by participating in beta testing ?

Register in the Robin8X KOL Crypto Exchange beta testing program and if you are selected as a participant you will receive 100 PUT.
For every unique bug you find, you will receive 1000 PUT.
For every recurring bug you find you will earn 100 PUT.
For useful feedback, you will earn 250 PUT.
For a feature request, you will receive 50 PUT.

Robin8X KOL Crypto Exchange is a unique multifunctional cryptocurrency exchange with great functionality for traders, with characteristics like reliability, security, high technical standards, flexibility, user-friendliness and innovation. On the whole, we implement the most advanced cryptocurrency trading model.

It accommodates such services:

TOE Exchange

Allows users to create their own personal tokens

Quick Exchange

Makes it convenient to exchange one cryptocurrency for another


Used to trade cryptocurrency between users outside the market – profitable for large transactions

Bonus program Trade Mining

Compensates users for trading fees with native exchange tokens

You can help us make Robin8X KOL Crypto Exchange better! Join our beta testing program and receive rewards for helping out.

How to participate in the program?

You don’t need to be a programmer or tester to take part in this program. Just register for ROBIN8X THE WORLD’S FIRST KOL CRYPTO EXCHANGE CLOSED BETA. We will select 100 applicants and give them access to the exchange.

All you need to do is try out the Robin8X KOL Crypto Exchange between 25/10/2018 and 31/10/2018. Then write a review for us and tell us exactly what you think we need to fix.

How to report about issue during the beta testing program?

If you’ll see an error at the work of the Robin8X KOL Crypto Exchange, please do the following steps:

1. Login to the Zendesk ( with the credentials from email that was send after register to the beta testing program. This step is needed to identify you and provide benefits for reported issues.

2. Then press “Submit request” button

3. Fill information about issue to the form. You could add screenshots if you have some.

4. Press “Submit” to submit an issue. Our support team will answer you in short time.

Example of bug report:

1. Title: Traiding pair doesn’t selected visually after selection

2. Category

  • Trade

3. Steps to reproduce the issue:

  • login to the exchange
  • select trading pair at the dashboard
  • wait few seconds or click somewhere else

4. What’s the expected result?

  • selected trading pair will has visual selection

5. What’s the actual result?

  • selected trading pair doesn’t has visual selection. So, if I forget wat trading pair was selected I couldn’t view this information.

6. Additional details / screenshot

Examples of the Category:

  • Auth/Profile
  • Deposit/Withdrawals
  • Not receiving Emails
  • Trade
  • Quick Exchange
  • Trade mining
  • OTC
  • Chat
  • Security issue
  • Service description
  • Another